Currency trading in the Forex market offers a variety of opportunities, from profit trading to diversifying your investment portfolio and protecting against market risk.
The Forex market is the largest and most liquid in the world, featuring a wide range of strategies. Short-term scaling can be applied to many different currency pairs in longer-term currency trading strategies. There are large and small currency pairs that can be traded at Lamda Brokers.

What is Currency Trading?

The foreign exchange market is the largest in the world. Trading currencies consist of buying at the same time as selling another. While foreign exchange is practiced by holidaymakers and others who go abroad for practical purposes, it can also be made for profit in the market.

How Does Currency Trading Work?

With more than $ 5 trillion in transactions and technology developments per day, it is more accessible than ever for beginners and experts to trade foreign currencies. There are two currencies in binary pairs. The bid price is the value at which you can sell the pair, and the request or bid price is the value that can take the currency pair.

What is Pip, Spread and Margin?

When an offer / sale price is given, the digits after the decimal point are the price interest points (Pips) that measure the change in the exchange rate for currency pairs. The margin or leverage allows you to trade with only a small portion of the total trade, as the difference between the bid and the request (or bid) price spreads.