What is Lamda Card

Since 2007, LAMDA Card Services is a reliable service provider that provides consultancy services in the field of prepaid card application strategies worldwide for personal and business purposes. LAMDA Card Services specializes in creating customized products. These include co-branded Mastercard cards as well as business services such as payroll and payment solutions. LAMDA Card Services combines a global perspective with local presence to provide the best solution to every customer. Our dynamic products, extensive knowledge and experience have earned us a position as a reliable provider of professional payment solutions.


Minumum Deposit


Maximum Withdraw


Commision on Withdraw

With Lamda Brokers, you can easily withdraw funds from your MetaTrader account at any time with a Master Card defined in your name. You can invest in your Lamda Card with your Credit Card. You can transfer to your MetaTrader account. Thanks to Lamda Card, you can pay for all your purchases from the internet and use it as a debit card on POST devices.